dtsHD audio

UYIRE (High Resolution Audio - HRA)

Music: A.R.Rahman


01 Kaattu Vazhiye - 177MB : 06 min 37 sec
Sukhwinder Singh & Malgudi Subha

02 Iru Pookkal - 138MB : 05 min 01 sec
A. R. Rahman, Sowmya Raoh, Dominique Cerejo & Kavita Paudwal

03 Ennuyire - 168MB * : 06 Min 31 Sec
Karthik, Sujatha Mohan

04 Poonkatrilae - 73MB :

05 Nenjinilae - 119MB : 04 min 23 sec
S. Janaki, M. G. Sreekumar & Chorus

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DTS-HD Master Audio is the premium high definition audio format for all applications and is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master. DTS-HD Master Audio, the premium high definition format for all applications, utilizes variable bit-rate technology to deliver the ultimate audio quality, while conserving file size and bandwidth. The result is an uncompromised audio experience that brings movies, music and games to life, just as if you were in the studio listening to the master recording. Another feature of DTS-HD Master Audio is its non-redundant structure, which in turn allows for more streamlined production. DTS-HD Master Audio technology carries one encode and one QC pass versus two for competing technologies, allowing quicker workflow and better quality.
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